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Coin & Medal Collectors Cabinets


Coin / medal collectors cabinet

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Coin Medal Collectors Cabinet 40D 01.jpg (116167 bytes)Coin Medal Collectors Cabinet 40D 02.jpg (120155 bytes)

French polished to a high or satin shine.

Drawer bases lined with red, green, black or navy acid free felt.

Safety glass door with solid brass lock and key.

Prices coin / medal collectors cabinets

Forty drawer solid oak                                                1995

Forty drawer sapele mahogany                                   1995

Twenty drawer solid oak                                             1095

Twenty drawer sapele mahogany                                1095

Ten drawer solid oak                                                   695

Ten drawer sapele mahogany                                      695

All prices include VAT

Dimensions in mm               

Forty drawer        H-1205    W-520    D-480

Twenty drawer    H-665     W-520    D-480

Ten drawer          H-405     W-520    D-480

Useable internal drawer height  20mm

All prices include VAT

These coin and medal collectors cabinets can be modified to your requirements with varying drawer depths and quantities.

Shown here is a thirty seven drawer coin / medal collectors cabinet with two extra deep bottom drawers for paperwork and provenances.

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Coin Medal Collectors Cabinet 37D 01.jpg (120974 bytes)Coin Medal Collectors Cabinet 37D 02.jpg (123510 bytes)


We offer these cabinets in oak for other uses, but please be aware oak in general is not suitable for the storage of metal objects due to its high acid content.

Remember all our prices include VAT.   

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