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01564 784616
Chadwick End Cabinets
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All cabinets are made to order and all orders are taken on a first come first serve basis (no exceptions) from the time of receiving your deposit.

We currently have a Twelve month waiting list for cabinets.



Cabinets up to 500 --------- 100 deposit

Cabinets 501 - 2000--------200 deposit

Cabinets over 2001----------400 deposit



You are always welcome to collect!

Alternatively I can personally deliver and help set up our entire range of cabinets. The cost :-

150 England and Wales

200 Scotland

Mainland only.


We move the larger cabinets by first removing the drawers, carrying the carcass to the van then replacing the drawers. This requires the cabinets to travel unpackaged and if you ask us to deliver then any damage will of course be our full responsibility.

If you wish to arrange your own currier then he must be prepared to go through this process. As the cabinets cannot be moved with the drawers in place, we do not have the lifting facilities. And we can except no responsibility for any damage in transit.

Display cases and store boxes

There is no waiting list for display cases and store boxes, but please allow six weeks as again they are made to order.

Display cases and store boxes can be sent through the post at a cost of 10 for the first, then an additional 5 for each extra item. Please note display cases over 18" x 18" are collection only.


All items going through the post or with a currier must first be paid for in full.



We except no responsibility for items damaged/lost in post/transit unless you ask us to deliver them personally.