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Standard Geology Specimen Cabinets

These specimen cabinets use the same carcasses and are externally identical to our standard range of entomological cabinets. Only the drawers are different, and interchangeable between the two.

All Standard Geological Specimen Cabinets Include :-

1. Oak cabinets made entirely (including carcass) from solid oak. Sapele mahogany cabinets use a veneered carcass for stability, everything else in solid sapele mahogany.

2. French polished.

3. Drawer bases lined with red, green, black or navy acid free felt.

4. Designed to house a heavy collection of rocks or fossils.

5. Wooden framed safety glass door or solid wood door.

6. Solid brass Lock and key.

7. All of the drawers interchangeable amongst themselves and between the standard entomology cabinets.

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Geology Specimen Cabinet 01.jpg (158684 bytes)Geology Specimen Cabinet 03.jpg (101086 bytes)Geology Specimen Cabinet 07.jpg (118619 bytes)Geology Specimen Cabinet 05.jpg (135212 bytes)

Geology Specimen Cabinet 02.jpg (135218 bytes)Geology Specimen Cabinet 04.jpg (102056 bytes)Geology Specimen Cabinet 08.jpg (119111 bytes)Geology Specimen Cabinet 06.jpg (126574 bytes)

Prices specimen cabinets (inc VAT)

10 Drawer solid oak                                          995

10 Drawer sapele mahogany                             995

20 Drawer solid oak                                          1595

20 Drawer sapele mahogany                             1595

40 Drawer solid oak                                          2695

40 Drawer sapele mahogany                             2695         

All prices include VAT

All Dimentions in (mm)

10 Drawer    H-685     W-520     D-480   Weight   56kg

20 Drawer    H-1265   W-520     D-480   Weight   100kg

40 Drawer    H-1264   W-1000   D-480   Weight   200kg

Drawer details

Made entirely from solid oak or solid sapele mahogany

Usable internal drawer height 47mm

Width - 460mm    Depth - 400mm

Optional Extras.

1. Brass card frames. - 5 each

2. Solid Brass knobs. - 5 / drawer.

3. Drawer dividers can be fitted to the drawers to your own specifications. Contact us for a quote.

4. Roller bearing runners. Extra 15 each drawer. Please note these are very high quality roller bearing runners. Capable of holding 45kg each drawer. Full extension and detachable. Drawers still interchangeable. 

Custom height & size variation specimen cabinets

Specimen cabinets can be made with any number of drawers and drawer sizes you require.

Drawer depths can also be varied within the same cabinet. 

Contact us for a quote.

Stacker specimen cabinets

Designed to sit on top of the standard specimen cabinets shown above.

Geology Specimen Cabinet 09.jpg (157006 bytes)Geology Specimen Cabinet 10.jpg (109485 bytes)Geology Specimen Cabinet 11.jpg (306954 bytes)

Prices stacker specimen cabinets (Inc VAT)

10 Drawer vertical solid oak                                         995

 10 Drawer vertical sapele mahogany                           995

10 Drawer horizontal solid oak                                    1145

10 Drawer horizontal sapele mahogany                       1145


The above are our standard range of specimen cabinets.

Take a look at the general and bespoke pages for more geological specimen cabinets.

Remember all our prices include VAT.