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Standard entomology cabinets

All standard entomological cabinets include :-

1. Traditional tongue and groove design of the lids and drawer sides offering twice the seal capabilities over the simple right angle frame.

2. Solid oak or solid sapele mahogany drawers.

3. Drawer sides and lids precision machined from a single piece of wood to give the closest possible fit - each lid fits only its own drawer. There is a small rush of air when the lids are removed.

4. Fully machined in glass to further effect a seal - an area often overlooked.

5. Hidden inbuilt camphor cell.

6. Plastazote lined does not show pinholes when specimens are rearranged. 10mm thick.

7. Wooden framed safety glass or solid wood door with solid brass lock and key.

8. All of the drawers are interchangeable between themselves and between the standard geological specimen cabinets.

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Entomology Cabinet 02.jpg (135206 bytes)Entomology Cabinet 04.jpg (102044 bytes)Entomology Cabinet 08.jpg (119099 bytes)Entomology Cabinet 06.jpg (126562 bytes)

Prices entomology cabinets

10 Drawer solid oak                                                    1295

10 Drawer sapele mahogany                                       1295   

20 Drawer solid oak                                                    2295

20 Drawer sapele mahogany                                       2295

40 Drawer solid oak                                                    3595

40 Drawer sapele mahogany                                       3595

All prices include VAT

Dimensions in mm

10 Drawer,    H-685      W-520      D-480    56kg

20 Drawer,    H-1265    W-520      D-480    100kg

40 Drawer,    H-1265    W-1000    D-480    200kg

Entomology drawer details

Made from solid oak or solid sapele mahogany

They will take a continental pin

Entomology Drawer 02.jpg (172489 bytes)   Entomology Drawer 03.jpg (272150 bytes)  Entomology Drawer 04.jpg (196289 bytes)

Width - 458mm      Depth - 410mm

Optional extras :-

1. Brass card frames (label holders)  5.00 each.

2. 12mm plastazote  (as opposed to 10mm)  2 / drawer.

3. Solid brass knobs 5 / drawer.

Custom height entomology cabinets and size variations

Entomology cabinets can be made with any number of drawers and drawer sizes and depths you require

Drawer depths can also be varied within the same cabinet

Contact us for a quote

Stacker entomology cabinets

Designed to sit on top of the standard entomology cabinets shown above.

Entomology Cabinet 09.jpg (156574 bytes)Entomology Cabinet 10.jpg (109473 bytes)Entomology Cabinet 11.jpg (306942 bytes)

Ten drawer vertical solid oak                                         1295

Ten drawer vertical sapele mahogany                            1295

Ten drawer horizontal solid oak                                    1445

Ten drawer horizontal sapele mahogany                       1445

All prices include VAT



Veneered entomology cabinets

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Entomology Cabinet 13.jpg (195470 bytes)Entomology Cabinet 14.JPG (145712 bytes)

Featured in World of interiors magazine September 2009


Oak veneered or sapele mahogany veneered carcass.

 Drawers are either solid oak or solid sapele mahogany respectively.

They come as either a base unit (shown) or a stacker unit (without plinth)

They will sit flush against each other or stack on top of each other.

Camphor cell in each drawer and plastazote lined (10mm)

They will take a continental pin

Prices & dimensions

10 drawer  795    H - 700  W - 500  D - 450

20 drawer  1395   H - 1320  W - 500  D - 450

Base unit and stacker are the same price


Remember all our prices include VAT.

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